Manual Web 2.0 Blog Submission Service


After all the updates that Google brought yet and also the upcoming updates. Google have only concern to stop people from over spamming. Then the question arises, what is the Google’s definition of Spamming. It has a simple answer. Only focus on 2 things:

1. Do not build links for your site from very low quality sites.
2. Maintain the quality of the content.

Our manual web 2.0 service is 100% manually built on the list of the top most web 2.0 site list possible.

Why manual web 2.0 for SEO?

1. According to the all web master, web 2.0 provides the best contextual links to your site which is almost having a backlink from a website.

2. It also allows you create additional pages like websites.

So, in short it, it makes heavy backlink to boost your main keywords. It is not a blackhat method to bring you in 1st position in a day. But it give you trust worthy relationship with Google.

Is that enough? We know that it is still not enough. Question still poking, what about the content in the web 2.0? Are you scraping them? With what tools? How are you spinning them? To make them unique, are making the content rubbish?

Oh no, please do not get us wrong. We have a dedicated team working for you to find proper niche related articles for you. And we use monthly subscribed Spinner to make your content unique and human readable. Although this is for SEO but if anyone of your desired traffic lands on your web 2.0 they wont lose their track or bounce back.

I know there is 1 more question, what about boosting our web 2.0?

Yes, that is a smart question. There is social bookmarking boost in tier-2.

Why we select social bookmarking?

Because it the personal favourite of GOOGLE. You cannot create backlinks for 1 url twice in most of the social bookmarking.

I hope it is worth your money for using our web 2.0 for your SEO needs. We can assure you that no one can provide this quality with this price.